Taste of H’aven Contra Dance Weekend

This dance weekend is a long-held dream of Tonya and Dwayne Johnson and is held in an idyllic rural relaxing venue. Don’t let that frighten you away as there is running water, fine dining, and dry lodging. One can enjoy tent or RV camping, or cabin bunkhouses with shared lodging. Also enjoy the hiking, swimming in the lake with a real beach, rock wall climbing, a boat ride around the lake, or just a quiet respite in the sun. The dances will be held in a wonderful air-conditioned, well-lit gymnasium with a sprung floor and adequate parking. There will be Friday Evening, Saturday Evening, Sunday Morning dances and Saturday Morning workshops. Come – Enjoy with friends at this beautiful rural dance weekend on the lake!

Now is the Time! Register for Your Tickets Early!

The dance weekend is June 7th-9th, 2024 at Quaker Haven Camp in Indiana. Register online at Ticket Spice. We are able to lessen the fees this year. If you prefer, you can register by snail mail and a check, but only if mailed by May 31, 2024. But first send an email so we can send the form.


If you attended last year, there will be some notable changes.

Meals will be allocated first to full dance weekenders. There are 60 slots available per meal. Partial weekend dancers may not be able to purchase a meal unless some slots are left over. Let us know if you might want to purchase meals. We have access to a full kitchen and refrigeration in the Hunt Lodge if anyone needs to bring perishables.

Sunday lunch will be at the gymnasium (think expanded snacks) to allow for more dance time.

Tonya will again host gluten free and dairy free meals at “fully dedicated” kitchen this year at the Red Cottage. If you have a request, please contact her at, maybe you can be accommodated.

Volunteer to help with the gluten free meals to get a discount on the dance prices. Volunteer to help with the registration to get a discount on the dance. We cannot discount lodging and meals.

The standard lodging this year will begin with the cabins or camping. There are 12 bunks to a cabin. We have 5 cabins. There will be separate men’s, women’s and coed cabins available as per demand. There will be six shared electric/water/RV (30 amp) and 5 primitive (no electric/water) tent sites as per demand. Each site can hold multiple campers. There are men/women facilities adjacent to the cabins and the tents. There are electric outlets in the cabins, no A/C but the screened windows allow a pleasant cross breeze. They are shaded. If it rains, you will be protected from the weather. The tent sites are also shaded on a grassy lot.


One can upgrade to a lodge house with in-house plumbing, but it is still a shared bunk room separated as a men’s side and women’s side. There are 20 spaces available. See registration forms for prices.

** There will be other campers on the grounds, but they will be in adjacent areas and will not share our spaces. **

The campground has several rules worth mentioning:

  • Quiet time after 11 PM until 7 AM.
  • No alcohol or illegal drugs allowed on the premises.
  • No pets, smoking, firearms, or fireworks allowed.
  • ** Bring your own bed linens!!
  • No two-piece bathing suits allowed at the beach.
  • No foul language allowed.
  • Campfires are welcome in the fire rings and fireplaces only.
  • Do not park vehicles on the grass.

About Contra Dancing


Contra dancing, or commonly known as American Folk Dancing, takes its roots from English, Scottish, and Irish dancing. The original dances and tunes were brought to North American per the immigrants of yore and “folked”, if you will, to the dances and tunes we enjoy today. Starting on the east coast, the dances morphed to fit the communities as people migrated to the west. Many dances and tunes are as they were in their original settings, but many have been modified and tweaked to fuel the delight of many a modern dancer. Even today there are variations of the same dance enjoyed in different communities. Part of the fun is that one can travel to any of these communities and be welcomed to come join the frivolity.

Check out the Contra Dance and Song Society for more contra dance information!

Taste of H’aven (2023)

Contra dance, camping, lodging, hiking, swimming, rock wall climbing. Enjoy with friends at this beautiful rural dance weekend on the lake!


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Hot Coffee Breakdown

    • Tom Cunningham – Fiddle
    • Luis de Leon – Drums
    • Kate Sanders – Keyboard

Calling: Kathy Anderson

Cosmic Weather

    • Peter Martin – Flute, hammered dulcimer.
    • Kathy Aagaard – Fiddle
    • Jonathan Whithall – Fiddle
    • Meg Dedolph – Guitar

Calling: Dwayne Johnson